Can Liverpool and Everton reign supreme once again?

In the Premier League today, the general view is that Manchester United and Manchester City are the “best teams”. Some will try and say that Chelsea match these team’s, but that’s simply not true. The 1980’s was the Merseyside decade. During time from the 1980-81 season up to 1989-90 season; Liverpool won 5 titles and Everton 2. These were the teams to beat. Forget Manchester, forget London. The kings of English football ruled from Merseyside at this time. But can they ever be this dominant again?

The answer is yes. I see a bright future for the Merseyside clubs. Neither has won a Premier League Title yet and Everton haven’t won a trophy in over 15 years. Their time is now. Over the past few years both of these clubs, despite their great stature, have been sidelined by the Manchester and London clubs. Yes, Liverpool is still one of the most popular clubs in England; but it certainly doesn’t attract the stars it used to.

People are starting to take notice of the Toffees again. They’ve only lost on three occasions this season and their first team is very strong. They have everything a top four side needs: a solid defence, a strong midfield and consistent forwards. They’ve normally always had that, but what’s the key ingredient they have now? Stars. Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini have both been in flying form this season; scoring and creating goals for fun.

If they can secure fourth place this season and qualify for the Champions League, it could really be the beginning of something special for Everton. Both Bryan Oviedo and Kevin Mirallas are young players that Moyes has signed for the future, and what a bright future Everton has if they can get into the Champions League. Not only would this mean extra funding for Moyes, but also it would be more likely that Fellaini and Baines would stay. Older players like Distin and Neville could be adequately replaced, and the team would go from strength to strength from then on. With the squad they have, all Everton need is some more funding and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them competing for the Title in a few years.

Baines and Fellaini are key men for Everton

Let’s say Moyes gets £40 Million to spend from Champions League qualification. He could tie Fellaini and Baines down to lucrative deals. Then he could sign a blockbuster player. Maybe Kyriakos Papadopoulos? The cash injection could spark Everton’s return to glory. If they continued to qualify for the Champions League each season and kept strengthening their squad; they would be serious challengers for the Premier League. I can already see them lifting the title.

Liverpool’s situation is quite different. They already have the funding; but a worse team overall (in my opinion). But Brendan Rodgers has a vision for the Reds of Merseyside, he’s a young manager; and he’s already taking the right steps to clean up the mess made by previous managers. First of all he’s tying down important players such as Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling to deals before they run out (unlike some, *cough* Wenger *cough*), also he’s getting rid of the deadwood to cut down the wage bill, and he has Liverpool playing much more attractive football.

Liverpool have great youth talent. Suso, Andre Wisdom, Adam Morgan, Jonjo Shelvey, Sterling, and Jack Robinson are all huge prospects – and that’s just to name a few. Rodgers has a team for the future. For now he must sign players around the age of 22 and 23 so that his team find their way back into the Champions League, but also be around in 5 years or so.

It is easy to see that Rodgers is building for the future. Not one of the players he has signed is over 25. Borini is obviously a great talent but Rodgers needs to make sure he adapts to the Premier League quickly.

Samid Yesil is a fantastic buy, nowhere near fully developed but is showing the signs of a future star at U21 level. Oussama Assaidi is the kind of buy he should be making. A cheap, solid player who provides good depth to the squad.

A lot of Liverpool fans on my Twitter timeline have complained about the signing of Daniel Sturridge, but I think he’s a good buy. He showed at the start of last season what he was capable of and I really think Rodgers can get the best of him.

Now, Joe Allen; he hasn’t convinced me yet, but he is only 22. I can see he has great potential, but he won’t do any growing if he doesn’t play in his natural position. I see him as the next Michael Carrick, his role is subtle; but extremely important.

Allen was an expensive signing for the Reds; can he equal his price-tag with his performances?

If Rodgers nurtures his youth talent well, signs the right players (fairly young but still developed), and can get Liverpool Champions League football in the next 3 years; they can truly return to their former glory. Both Everton and Liverpool have a way to go yet, and I don’t see them winning the Premier League next year; but it is a real possibility in the next 4 or 5 years.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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