@FootballDNA’s European Underrated XI

People seem to love underrated players for some weird reason. I guess it’s because they feel that these players deserve more recognition, but here’s my underrated XI.

Formation: 4-4-2

Goalkeeper – Mignolet: Another great player from Belgium! They could be serious contenders for the World Cup in 2014! Mignolet is a brilliant; he has great reflexes and is commanding in his area. He’s just the type of player we need at Arsenal to challenge Sczezney. I know many people would say Begovic, but I say Mignolet is better.

Left Back – Kieran Gibbs: It’s 3-2, if Arsenal draw they come 4th which means they won’t definitely qualify for the Champions League. Jones surges forward, he’s away. Gibbs dives in and makes the perfect tackle in stoppage time! Kieran Gibbs is a great tackler and he saved Arsenal last season. Furthermore; he scored a fantastic goal today. A very underrated player.

Centre Back – Gary Cahill: Cahill is a quality player, the classic English “no nonsense” centre back. I don’t understand why David Luiz is often played over Cahill. Cahill is disciplined and like his Captain, John Terry; he has great goal scoring ability and is rock solid at the back. It always confuses me why Arsenal never pushed to sign him.

Centre Back – Andrea Barzagli- This guy is one of my favourite defenders around. To go 49 games unbeaten a team has to have a very good defence, and Barzagli is part of that defence. Alongside Bonnuci he’s played the most games for Juventus this season; more so than even Buffon. He’s a calm collected defender. His positioning is great and doesn’t panic and make rash challenges in dangerous situations. He’s a very good defender in my opinion. Mr Consistent for Juventus. Often forget how quality he is.

Right Back – Martin Montoya: He has the potential to be the best right back in the world when he’s older. Like most Barcelona full backs his defensive ability isn’t great; but he’s fantastic going forward and in my opinion he’s been just as good as Dani Alves’ has this season.

Central Midfielder – Arturo Vidal: Possibly my favourite player around at the moment. He’s a great passer of the ball; he’s got a great shot, and also contributes greatly to the Juventus defence. He’s not scared to go in for a tackle and he likes to have the ball. He’s the kind of player I’d love at Arsenal; at the peak of his career, fearless in battle, an amazing all round player.

Central Midfielder – Toni Kroos: The German magician, Bayern’s Gandalf. Kroos is the passing king. To be honest most players in the Bundesliga are exceedingly underrated; but I’m that bit more surprised Kroos isn’t highly rated by many because he’s such a fantastic player.

Left Midfielder – Kwadwo Asamoah: Such an underrated player. Asamoah is fantastic. He was causes teams constant problems when he goes forward and suffocates teams attacks when they come at him. He’s a brilliant player and a huge part of the Juventus team. Technically a left wing back, but he plays so high up the field he’s essentially a midfielder.

Right Midfielder – Juan Mata: I genuinely believe Mata is better than most people think he is. The dead ball specialist, in my opinion the best from corners and free kicks, Mata is easily one of the best players in the Premier League at the moment. At the start of the season he was slightly overshadowed by the exciting Eden Hazard, but he has certainly stolen the limelight back from the young Belgian. Alongside his great ability, he has a good attitude and brilliant work rate; which is very important in my opinion.

Striker – Dimitar Berbatov: Dimitar Berbatov is a fantastic player, he places with a grace that just makes me love watching him play. He’s often labelled lazy but when he does get the ball he does magical things with it. He’s a top class signing for Fulham; and I’m slightly disappointed he didn’t go to a bigger club.

Striker – Mario Mandzukic: Bayern’s unsung hero. The players like Ribery and Muller has stolen the limelight this season; but he has truly been a true star. He is a vital part of how Munich play as holds up the ball so the wingers can exploit the oppositions defence.



Do you agree with this team? Who would you have in yours?

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2 Responses to “@FootballDNA’s European Underrated XI”
  1. 3on1blog says:

    Very good read, only one I could disagree with is Mata as he gets a lot of media coverage and attention from everyone associated with football. Good points though.

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